Drink cup holder what type and size should you use

This is a common question I get asked

There are 5 common materials used and either drop in or slide under

A drop in cup holder normally will go into a pre cut opening

A slide under has a welded extension that will go under a rail or edge molding

The materials used most commonly are Stainless steel, brass (light weight brass), plastic (injection molded), acrylic and aluminum.

The sizes commonly used and in stock with us

Standard size used for soda can size, long neck bottles, cocktail glass

Jumbo size which can fit a mug, 40 oz larger bottles, stem wine glasses

Dual size has the best of both has the stand size ad the bottom and jumbo at the top

There are also some design differences on the acrylic there is one that has slots for coffer mug or beer mug handles

For a full detail and sizes visit all drink cup holders on our website or call me to discuss your needs